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ISU Hopes To Receive City Funding For Hancock Scoreboard

Fri, 12 Jul 2013 13:10:04 CDT
By: Haley BeMiller

Illinois State's athletic department will find out Monday if the Town of Normal is going to help fund a new message center for Hancock Stadium. ISU asked for $500,000 earlier this month and proposed a two-year payment plan, but city officials might increase that to five years. Athletic Director Larry Lyons says this change wouldn't affect the implementation of the board.


"I don't think there'd be any adjustments that we would have to make," he says. "The way the funding plan works, it's going to run through our athletic facilities reserve, and the payment plan would fit in that plan right now, so that would be okay for us."

Lyons says he is hopeful that city officials will give them a green light.


"I've not had any conversations with them directly since we were at the council meeting, so it'd be hard for me to predict what they would do," he says. "We feel it's a worthwhile project and hopefully they support it and we can move forward."

Lyons says they wanted to focus on the stadium at the beginning of the renovation project, but decided later on that a new scoreboard and message center would be good additions. If the Town of Normal agrees to a funding plan, Lyons says the board will likely be up by the first home game.

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