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Davis Shakes Off IFB Opposition; Votes For Revised Farm Bill

Thu, 11 Jul 2013 17:01:16 CDT
By: AP and Willis Kern

The House has passed a scaled-down version of a massive farm bill, putting off a fight over food stamp spending and giving Republican leaders a victory after a decisive defeat on the larger bill last month. The GOP leaders scrambled to get the bill to the floor today and gather enough votes this week after making a decision to drop a politically sensitive food stamp section of the bill and pass legislation that contained only farm programs. 13th District Illinois Republican Rodney Davis voted for the bill, even though it was opposed by the Illinois Farm Bureau. Davis says he has high hopes for a successful House-Senate conference.


"If we can get a good common sense bill through, I think you'll see them supportive again, just like the Illinois Corn Growers were, just like the Illinois Pork Producers were, and just like the Illinois Beef Producers were."

The plan faced opposition from Democrats, many other farm groups and conservative groups. But Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia navigated his colleagues to a 216-208 vote by convincing Republican members that this was the best chance to get the bill passed and erase the embarrassment of the June defeat.

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