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New Hog Virus Targets Piglets

Thu, 11 Jul 2013 12:38:34 CDT
By: Jim Browne

New Hog Virus Targets Piglets A new virus that's deadly to pigs, but has no affect on humans, is giving hog producers in Illinois headaches. PEDV, or Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus, has made it's way into five major hog producing states, including Illinois. Jim Kaitshuk is Executive Director of the Illinois Pork Producers Association. He says since the first case in April, everyone's working to plot a course of action:


"We're trying to get a handle on exactly testing protocols, to be able to locate it, the sharing of information to know for sure who has it, when they have it. The biggest issue for producers is to maintain extremely high standard of bio security protocol."

Kaitshuk says that means keeping trailers used to haul hogs clean, and washing boots when going from building to building. He says there are still a lot of questions about the virus that need to be answered:

"How do you diagnose it, when, how fast can you diagnose it, and like I said before, your number of 40%, in some places it's been as high as 100% mortality."

Veterinarians say PEDV is spread when hogs eat contaminated feces. The death rate for pigs less than a week old ranged from 80-to-100 percent during a PEDV outbreak in China.

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