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Woman Whose Suit Brought Concealed Carry To Illinois Still Not Happy

Thu, 11 Jul 2013 08:43:37 CDT

The woman whose lawsuit spurred Illinois' new concealed carry law is unsatisfied with it. She and a prominent gun rights group are back in court, saying the law still deprives gun-owners of their Second Amendment rights. For a long time, Illinois was the only state that didn't allow guns outside the home. Mary Shepherd and the Illinois State Rifle Association's lawsuit over the ban led to a court order requiring Illinois pass a concealed carry law. That finally happened on Tuesday, the day of the federal court deadline. But in a new set of court filings Shepherd and the Association say legislators "procrastinated."
And though Illinois technically has a carry law, they say for all practical purposes the ban is still in effect, because the law gives the state up to nine months to begin issuing permits. Shepherd and the Association are asking for another court order, that will allow people to begin carrying guns in public as soon as next week. The request comes in response to a separate motion filed by Attorney General Lisa Madigan, seeking to drop the court case entirely. She says it's moot, because Illinois now has a concealed carry law in place.

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