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Durbin Against Splitting Farm Bill

Mon, 08 Jul 2013 09:45:06 CDT
By: Haley BeMiller

US Senator Dick Durbin is disappointed by House Republicans' refusal to pass the Senate's farm bill. During his visit to Illinois State University, Durbin said the House shouldn't separate the partnership between urban and rural leaders. He says this is what has made farm bill legislation successful in the past.


"That's a serious mistake," he says. "The farm bill historically since the 1960s has passed because of an alliance between urban legislators and rural legislators. If it were just up to those Congressmen representing rural districts to sell the idea of farm programs, they might run into trouble."

Durbin says the Senate bill was approved by farm groups and addresses the needs of both parties, including a policy on food stamps. He says the government could have a farm bill for the next five years if the House would approve it. He says John Boehner needs to show stronger leadership.

"It'll take a little humility on his part, which is not an easily found quantity found among politicians--including myself, it's the first casualty in politics. But if he can't pass his own bill, I think he owes it to the farm families across America to offer the Senate bill as an alternative."

The House plans to resume farm bill negotiations this month, but leaders are still working out what should be included in the legislati

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