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ISU Asks Normal For Help In Hancock Project

Tue, 02 Jul 2013 03:58:34 CDT
By: Rachel Darling

The Town of Normal may play a substantial role in Illinois State University's Hancock Stadium remodel project. Last night Former ISU President Al Bowman, representative Dan Brady, Athletic Director Larry Lyons and Interim President Dr. Sheri Everts presented the council with a request for municipal support in the completion of the Hancock Stadium remodel project...


"I think it's a reasonable expectation that the facility will have broad appeal, and it will allow us to compete for tournaments of various kinds."

The Town of Normal has supported similar building projects such as Heartland Community College's "Corn Crib"...


"We would ask your indulgence to support an amount of $500,000 dollars of the 1.2 million dollar project cost."

Dr.Bowman says the project will have a "substantial impact" on the local community, citing 2009 data showing the university brought four million dollars into the local community.

Normal Mayor Chris Koos says the Council needs two to four weeks to let the idea "gel," and to allow the community to respond, adding "As I remind people, without Illinois State University there wouldn't be a Normal."

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