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Renner takes oath of office in Bloomington

Wed, 01 May 2013 17:17:25 CDT
By: Charlie Schlenker

Bloomington's new Mayor has taken the oath of office along with all the Aldermen elected last month. Tari Renner takes over from two term Mayor Steve Stockton. Renner says he wants to fund pensions first each year and believes the city can do that without raising taxes. He also says he is working to put together a plan to mostly take care of the backlog of unrepaired streets.

"I'm going to push for somewhere in the neighborhood of a ten million dollar bond issue so that we can really begin to see a difference in our streets. Now that's really only a down payment because we need about 41 million just to get us to average. So ten million will only take us so far."

Renner says the city's debt load is reasonable and makes a bond issue affordable. He also says there is a practical limit on how much street work the city can accomplish each year...of about fifteen million dollars. If a bond issue passes, the city would be close to that limit, because Bloomington already budgets about four million a year for roads. Renner says he is also putting together a task force to deal with underachieving areas such as downtown, Lakewood Plaza, and Colonial Plaza in seeking out grants and growth opportunities.

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