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April cool, wet

Wed, 01 May 2013 11:57:12 CDT
By: Jim Browne

April cool, wet Last month's weather can be summed up in two words, wet, chilly. Illinois State Climatologist Jim Angel says April of 2013 temperatures were consistently below average until the very end of the month when we finally hit the low 80's:


"It's probably no surprise it ended up on the cool side, the average for the state was about 50 degrees. So, two degrees below average that's not record setting, but it is on the cool side."

Angel says while last month was cool, there's an even more striking statistic:

"Probably the more outstanding feature was the fact that we had 6.9 inches of rain, and that pretty much puts us at least in fourth place for the fourth wettest April on record."

And, Angel says, it helped fully recharge soil moisture from the drought of 2012.   He says there was only one day last month where temperatures got above 80 degrees in McLean County, and that was Tuesday, the last day of the month. He says on average the month of April tends to generate several days at or above 80 degrees.

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