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Community group rallies for immigration with two May Day events

Tue, 30 Apr 2013 11:12:35 CDT
By: Jim Browne

Community group rallies for immigration with two May Day events The community group, Illinois People's Action, is trying to convince Congressman Aaron Schock to support the immigration reform bill crafted by a bi-partison group of lawmakers. The faith based organization's holding a prayer vigil outside Schock's Peoria office following a noon march.

Jennifer Carrillo with IPA, says the "Gang of 8" measure would not lower overall wages in the US as some fear, but raise them:

"What's happening right now is this race to the bottom where the folks most willing to be exploited, the folks who are willing to work for the least amount of money, are the ones who are getting the jobs. And the people who are Americans who want to be paid a fair wage, a living wage, and don't want to be exploited in the workplaces aren't getting the jobs."

Carrillo says by giving undocumented immigrants legal status, it makes them less susceptible to exploitation. That, she says, would raise wages for those on the bottom rung, as well as those higher up the ladder. IPA is also holding it's annual May Day march in Bloomington at 5:30 in the afternoon outside the Center for the Performing Arts. Catholic, Presbyterian, and Jewish twin city religious leaders are joining in the event.

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