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Third ISU Presidential finalist visits campus

Fri, 26 Apr 2013 21:23:25 CDT
By: Charlie Schlenker

Third ISU Presidential finalist visits campus A third Illinois State University Presidential finalist says a lot of what he has done at his current job is a good fit for ISU. Tim Flanagan says he has worked at several universities in leadership positions and all of them started out as Normal Schools, like ISU. Normal Schools were created to train teachers. Flanagan is currently President of Framingham State in Massachusetts where he has helped create several new degree programs.

"Academic institutions have to change. They have to be dynamic, and particularly public institutions. We have an obligation in public institutions to be responsive to the states and communities that we serve."

Flanagan says when he started at Framingham state it was an inward looking institution and he saw opportunities to make linkages with world class companies and non profits in the suburban Boston area.

"For example in our backyard a couple miles from campus we have the corporate headquarters of Bose corporation, and TJX company and EMC software. And I looked at that and said these are tremendous opportunities for our students to do internships and get jobs in growing fields and so forth.

Flanagan says he has been a booster of the American Democracy Project and a champion of assessment of teaching, which ISU also does well. The final candidate to replace Al Bowman as President makes his campus presentation on Monday. That will be current ISU Vice President Larry Dietz. Earlier this week, Murray State President Randy Dunn and Morehead State Provost Karla Hughes went through their rounds of campus visits.

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