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ISU welcomes second Presidential finalist

Wed, 24 Apr 2013 18:14:28 CDT
By: Charlie Schlenker

ISU welcomes second Presidential finalist The second of four finalists for the Illinois State University Presidency says everyone on campus must constantly remember that the purpose of the institution is to change lives.

Murray State University President Randy Dunn says an example of his leadership is the distributed decision making process he used to involve all of Murray State in setting new budget priorities and finding new revenue.

"How much better that decision making was. How much richer the thinking about how we're going to position ourself moving forward with some very severe budget difficulties that we have experienced in Kentucky through the work, the inclusiveness, having many voices at the table, as opposed to having a small cabinet."

Dunn says universities never get to the higher functions of creating human capital if they don't first run well. He says communication up and down the chain is key to both priorities. Friday, Tim Flanagan, President of Framingham State University in Massachusetts will be at ISU, with the university's current Vice President for Student Affairs Larry Dietz wrapping up candidate visits Monday. Morehead State Provost Karla Hughes came to campus earlier this week. ISU is looking for a successor to the retiring Al Bowman. Dunn is also an ISU graduate and a former State School Superintendant.

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