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IL ponders raising speed limit

Wed, 24 Apr 2013 03:59:33 CDT

Drivers could soon be allowed to go a little faster on most Illinois highways under a proposal before the Illinois General Assembly. The legislation would increase the speed limit on four lane highways to 70 miles-per-hour. Senator Jim Oberweis, a Republican from Sugar Grove, says the current limit of 65 doesn't make sense, because the roads were built to handle speeds of 80 miles an hour:


"It allows people to not be in the mode of disobeying the law. They can drive 70 or 72 or perhaps 75 and still be within a reasonably close area to the speed limit."

But fellow Republican David Luechtefeld, from Okawville, opposes the plan. He says state police already give drivers a little leeway:

"It gets to the point, I think, where do you draw the line? I just feel the cars and trucks are going fast enough on the road right now."

Nevertheless, the Senate approved the measure on a vote of 41 to 6. The legislation now goes to the Illinois House.

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