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Central Illinois runners band together after Boston attacks

Tue, 16 Apr 2013 14:16:06 CDT
By: Charlie Schlenker

Central Illinois runners band together after Boston attacks A runner and McLean County Board member says the Boston Marathon bombings have no chance of causing their intended harm. Erik Rankin says runners are examples of the American spirit.

"There is a, something that I'd say is a beautiful cohesiveness between runners. They are a group of people that are intensely about community. They join together whether they run fast or slow, whether they run short or far. And an event like yesterday is not going to deter us from continuing to run together."

Rankin wore a Chicago Marathon shirt to the County Board meeting in solidarity with the Lake Run Club and other groups demonstrating in the wake of the attacks.

"Terrorists have a zero percent success rate. They always fail at their objective. If their objective is to cause panic and chaos, they do it momentarily. And then what they end up doing is in an attempt to fragment us, they remind us of why we love each other in the first place."

He says he is particularly affected by the death of an eight year old boy cheering for his father in the race.

"I just ran the Saint Louis half marathon myself with my daughters cheering for me at the finish line and I can't imagine what type of anguish those parents are going through."

Rankin says runners will now run harder and with more purpose because they run for fallen family and friends.The Lake Run Club packed the Constitution Trail with runners at five A.M. to come together in support of those at the Boston Marathon.

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