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Normal council OK's liquor sales on plaza

Tue, 16 Apr 2013 04:13:24 CDT
By: Rachel Darling

Normal council OK's liquor sales on plaza The Town of Normal Council passed an ordinance allowing liquor to be served at town-sponsored events outside of the Children's Discovery Museum. Liquor is already allowed inside the building, during events held in the museum's off hours. Councilman Cheryl Gaines voiced concern about allowing liquor sales...


"I think we have to just be a little bit careful and cognizant of some of the message that sends."

Councilman Sonja Reese and Jeff Fritzen expressed similar concerns. Mayor Chris Koos spoke in support of the ordinance...


"I'm pretty comfortable with going forward on this because of how we structured this and really the purpose of it."

This ordinance will allow liquor to be served in the Plaza area outside of the museum. City Manager Mark Peterson says alcohol will be served in a "controlled" situation that must be approved by the Liquor Commissioner.

The Council also approved the use $1,747,000 dollars of the Town's allotment of Motor Fuel Tax funds for local infrastructure improvement. The money will pay for the replacement of the University Street bridge. Councilman Sonja Reese says the project could take up to a year and would put the bridge out of commission...


"We concluded its a very worthwhile inconvenience, so --I heard that from a lot of people, so I just wanted to, to add the voice of support for this project."

The tax funds will also be used to improve nearby streets from Virginia Avenue to Division Street.


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