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Lt Gov defends office's existence

Mon, 15 Apr 2013 09:38:59 CDT

Lt Gov defends office's existence Illinois' lieutenant governor is defending the very existence of her government office. That's after the state House of Representatives last week approved a measure that would eliminate it. Supporters of the proposed constitutional amendment say lieutenant governors don't have enough responsibility to justify their 2-million dollar budgets. Current Lieutenant Governor Sheila Simon says the office is worthwhile, just consider how many governors have been forced to leave:

"My office in Springfield is on the second floor of the Capitol and it's down this hall that has portraits of the governors. And every once in a while I walk down the hallway and I imagine the red slashes through them. Indicted. Indicted. Convicted. Right? Right? This is the history of our state."

While Sheila Simon defends her office, she says she won't seek re-election. Under last week's measure the attorney general would succeed the governor if that position is vacated.

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