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Republican party chairman survives ouster attempt

Mon, 15 Apr 2013 04:41:20 CDT
By: IPR's Alex Keefe

Republican party chairman survives ouster attempt
     Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady will get to keep his job. Party bosses did NOT vote to fire him over the weekend, despite Brady's public support of same-sex marriage.
     IPR's Alex Keefe reports:

CHANTING: Throw him out! Throw him out!

Members of the Republican state central committee could certainly hear the protesters outside their closed-door meeting on Saturday, but they didnt listen. Pat Brady emerged from the three-hour session sounding, chipper.
"We welcome a diversity of opinions. It makes a stronger, better party. And that's what we saw today. It was a long meeting, it was a tough meeting, but it was a good meeting and we all walked out friends.

A handful of party bosses organized an effort to oust Brady after he publicly announced his support for same-sex marriage in January - a stance that contradicts the party platform.
Brady told reporters the motion to fire him didn't even get to a final vote on Saturday. But party leaders did agree to form a so-called "succession committee," which some committeemen suggested could lead to Brady's early departure.

Brady, meanwhile, says he will not resign

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