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Some races still undecided

Thu, 11 Apr 2013 11:11:25 CDT
By: Jim Browne

Some races still undecided Even though the election polls closed Tuesday evening, some results have yet to be decided. In Normal it's a tie for a six year term on the Library Board. While Dawn Wilson won one of the two seats with nearly 40% of the vote, Walter Lindberg and Erik Bush both drew 1,329 votes for the second seat. McLean County Clerk Kathy Michael says the election is not really over just yet:

"The results aren't official for another two weeks. So, I'm presuming you have to, you have to wait and see if late sent but properly timed, you know, stamped with the date absentee ballots can still be accepted by mail"

Michael says one of the candidates has already inquired about the next step, but if final results break the tie, there may be no 'next step,' unless a recount is requested. She says she's seeking direction from the State Board of Elections on the issue.

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