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New Bloomington leaders hope for changed atmosphere in government

Wed, 10 Apr 2013 16:38:03 CDT
By: Charlie Schlenker

One newly elected Bloomington Alderman says he looks forward to a better working environment on what has often been a fractious city council. Scott Black says new members of the council and a new mayor will allow the policy body to be more pro-active. Black says he also looks forward to crafting relationships with other Aldermen, even those who have different views of the role of government.

The Mayor-elect of Bloomington says the council is not the only place a new dynamic will take hold. Tari Renner says a customer service ethic should become a more significant part of the way city staff operate. He says some of his support came from those who feel staff has neglected citizens.

A defeated council candidate says he is not ruling out running again in four years. Alderman Jamie Mathy lost his write-in bid against Kevin Lower. Mathy says for now, he's changing his emphasis.

Mathy does say that given the need for compromise on the council, it will be difficult for Lower to enact the cuts to quality of life programs such as parks and the BCPA that Lower proposed during the campaign.

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