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Rapper conviction overturned

Thu, 07 Mar 2013 10:54:21 CST
By: AP

An Illinois appeals court has thrown out the conviction and five-year prison sentence against a former college student and aspiring rapper who prosecutors say threatened a Virginia Tech-like killing spree. The Mount Vernon-based 5th District Appellate Court has ruled prosecutors didn't sufficiently prove Olutosin Oduwole (oh-loo-TOH'-sihn oh-DOO'-wawl-ee) attempted to make a terrorist threat while he attended Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville. Oduwole was convicted in 2011, after prosecutors argued a piece of paper in his abandoned car in 2007 demanded a murderous rampage would occur if he wasn't paid $50,000. An aspiring rapper, Oduwole insisted the writings were just innocent lyrics and other musings. The appeals court ruled that the evidence isn't there that shows Oduwole actively tried to convey any threat.

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