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Dwight to close this month

Wed, 06 Mar 2013 04:34:44 CST
By: AP

The Associated Press has learned the Illinois women's prison in Dwight will close by March 31 after a complicated move of hundreds of inmates, including the temporary placement of 500 prisoners in gymnasiums. Governor Pat Quinn ordered Dwight penitentiary closed to save money. But state officials have not revealed how and when the women's facility would be shuttered. A draft Department of Corrections memo obtained yesterday by the AP indicates the closure process began February 28, with the transfer of male inmates at Logan Correctional Center in Lincoln to prisons in Canton, Centralia, Danville, Hillsboro, and Vienna. Those medium-security inmates would move into cells vacated by minimum-security inmates who will move into temporary housing in gymnasiums. The women from Dwight will then move into the vacated cells at Logan.

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