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IL house shoots down pension plan

Fri, 01 Mar 2013 04:35:30 CST

IL house shoots down pension plan A series of test votes on a pension overhaul fizzled in the Illinois House of Representatives. One bill would have eliminated cost-of-living adjustments for state, universty, and public school retirees, that got only two "yes" votes and 66 "nos," with 49 lawmakers sitting it out completely. House Republican Leader Tom Cross says it wasn't a serious attempt to fix the problem:


"Illinois politics at its finest. Another day of games. Another day of waiting. Another day of putting off the inevitable."

The measures were more harsh than any of the major pension overhauls previously discussed, like raising the retirement age to 67 for all employees. It was seen as a way to gauge what kind of benefit cuts lawmakers might be willing to support.

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