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Bill sets different standards for high school/college student passwords

Wed, 27 Feb 2013 14:29:32 CST

A plan before the Illinois House of Representatives would allow elementary and high schools to ask students for their social media passwords. It also prohibits universities from doing the same thing. Deanna Sullivan is a lobbyist for a group that represents school administrators. She says the proposal is still flawed; it would give schools the ability to control how students use private accounts.

"The language as it exists now creates a situation where elementary and secondary schools must establish expectations. And when you're establishing expectations around something that will end up being a free speech issue, it will put school districts in a position we're not able to do that."

An earlier version of this proposal would have kept all Illinois schools from asking for passwords. Sullivan says it should be okay to ask for passwords up through high school, as long as parents know it's a possibility before it happens.

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