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Debate over packing heat gets heated

Wed, 27 Feb 2013 04:17:04 CST

Debate over packing heat gets heated Members of the Illinois House had an angry debate yesterday over legislation that would allow people to carry concealed weapons in public. Lawmakers clashed for several hours over how many places would be off-limits for guns ... like schools, daycare centers, casinos, and amusement parks. Republican Representative Jim Sacia , from Pecatonica, says people intent on committing mass murder will not be deterred by a sign announcing a gun-free zone:

"If I were a whack-job that went to an amusement park, I really wouldn't care about that sign out front. I really wouldn't. Because I want to create mayhem. I want to kill folks."

Illinois is the only state without some form of concealed carry. A federal court gave lawmakers until June to change that. The sponsor of the legislation says he'll continue to negotiate with those who want to limit concealed carry, and is confident he can get a final version passed.

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