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Fed budget cut repercussions

Mon, 25 Feb 2013 12:16:52 CST

Federal budget cuts set to go into effect Friday would have an effect on Illinois.   Colonel David Almand, a commander at Scott Air Force Base near Belleville, says what's known as "sequestration" would mean across-the-board cuts of up to 20-percent. Almand says money-saving measures have been taken, like postponing equipment upgrades and limiting training flights. But he says that hurts the base's effectiveness:

"What that does is really slows down our readiness, our currency, especially our air crews. When they're not getting that flying, it'll delay their upgrades and set us back from having a fully-qualified force that's ready to do anything."

Colonel Almand says about 45-hundred civilian workers at the base would also be required to take furlough days. He estimates that would have a 30 million dollar economic impact in that area.   Other possible victims of the budget cuts could be meat inspectors and popular tourist attractions, like the federally-run Lincoln Home in Springfield.

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