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Country survey confirms more people bank on line

Mon, 25 Feb 2013 03:58:01 CST
By: Jim Browne

Country survey confirms more people bank on line A new national survey from Bloomington-based Country Financial, shows more than half of all Americans manage their investments using the internet. The survey shows the highest percentage of pay bills using computers or smart phone applications. Troy Frerichs, Senior Investment Officer at Country, says there seems to be a connection between those who bank on-line, and those who save more money:


Frerichs says older Americans may simply have more demands on their money like college, retirement, and other age specific needs. He says the survey also turned up an unexpected trend:

Frerichs says one concern is the tendency to make impulse decisions based on the daily news, instead of looking at the long term. And while men love their toys, the Country Financial survey shows 7% more women use the tools to conduct financial transactions than men

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