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Sick Texas girl's family searches IL for bone marrow donor

Mon, 18 Feb 2013 09:50:24 CST
By: Willis Kern

Sick Texas girl's family searches IL for bone marrow donor Central Illinois residents today will join in a nationwide effort to help cure a young Texas girl of a rare form of cancer. 3-year old Rorie Joslin was diagnosed last fall with Hypodiploidy A.L.L.--a rare form of Leukemia. A relative from Metamora organized a bone marrow drive for today, from 10 am-3pm at ISU's Bone Student Center. Rorie's mother Savannah Joslin says her daughter's chances of survival are from 5%-20%.

"I have some scares and I have worries that it's not going to turn out like we want to but I can't let that bring me down. I have to stay as positive as I can and we have to remain every bit as hopeful as we can to keep her strong to find that match and to find a cure for her."

Joslin says she's hopeful someone from Illinois will be a match for her daughter, or someone else.

"It's just a simple 5-10 minute swab in your cheek and if you're not my daughter's match, maybe you're saving somebody else's life. There are thousands of kids and adults that are needing the same thing she is."

Anyone between ages 18 and 44 can be tested. All it requires is a cotton swab inside the mouth. Joslin says other drives have occurred or are planned in Texas, Kentucky, Hawaii and California. If more than one match is found, a successful donor will be chosen by a doctor. Even if a bone marrow match isn't found for Rorie, it's possible someone may match another patient.

Joslin talks about her daughter's ability to cope with cancer.


Learn more about Rorie Joslin's rare cancer diagnosis and the bone marrow drives.
Other central Illinois drives are planned:

Feb. 21 10am to 3 pm- Proctor First Care, 1120 E. War Memorial Dr., Peoria Hts, IL
   3:45pm to 7:45 pm- 5 Points Washington Library, 380 N. Wilmor Rd., Washington, IL

Feb. 26 12Noon to 6 pm- Bradley University Markin Rec Center, Peoria, IL

Feb. 27, 5pm to 8pm, Bethany Baptist Church, 7422 North Heinz Lane, Edwards, IL

(photo credit: Kimberly Oehrlein Photography)


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