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Abe App released

Wed, 13 Feb 2013 07:16:06 CST

Abe App released A new mobile app offers users a modern look at Abraham Lincoln. The "Abe App" was released on Lincoln's birthday by the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation. It includes an "Abe-A-Day" fact, pictures of artifacts on display in the museum, and trivia questions, complete with sound effects from Lincoln's time. A recording of his office clock serves as the quiz's timer. The foundation's Phyllis Evans says the app will make it easier to learn about the 19th Century.

"It's something that we feel like will be accessible to teachers. A lot of teachers are using the iPads in the classrooms today, so I do think that you will see it as something that is an educational tool for sure."
The app is available for Android and iPhone products.


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