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Central Illinois Republicans cool to State of Union address

Wed, 13 Feb 2013 07:12:48 CST
By: HG

President Obama's State of the Union address got poor marks from Central Illinois Representatives who looked at it as another series of tax and spend proposals that won't go anywhere in the Republican controlled House of Representatives. WGLT's Hanna Gutmann has details from Capitol Hill:


While Democrats praised the many new social programs the President outlined to boost the middle class, Republicans questioned them. Freshman Republican Rodney Davis:
"I'm a little bit concerned about the proposal regarding higher education to grade schools. What's the criteria ? Who's going to establish it ? Is it going to impact the nine universities and colleges that I have in my district ? and the eight community college districts adversely ? Is it going to take funds away from being able to allow our students to have an affordable education ?"
Republican Aaron Schock says the President presented a social agenda much like that which dominated his first term:
"Our country got Obamacare, tax increases, the Dodd-Frank regulations and a mountains of more regulatory burden."
Schock was disappointed by a lack of solid initiatives to get the economy moving, and wishes the President would focus on forcing the Democrat controlled Senate to pass a budget.
Hanna Gutmann, WGLT News Washington.

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