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Gov renews call for open primary

Tue, 12 Feb 2013 05:02:25 CST

Gov renews call for open primary
     Last week in his State of the State address, Governor Pat Quinn called for an open primary, in which voters would not have to declare whether they're Republicans or Democrats:

"Let's pass a long overdue law to allow voters to participate in primary elections without having to publicly declare their party affiliation."

This is not a new idea for the governor. In 2010, he used his veto power to try to get an open primary, but since the legislature did not act on his proposal, it died. Jim Tenuto, with the State Board of Elections, says Illinois' current partisan primary is the subject of a lot of Election Day complaints:

"A lot of people are reluctant to vote in the primary because they feel like they shouldnt have to declare which party they wish to vote in."

Some states have adopted a WIDE-open system, where the top two primary vote getters make it to the general election, even if they're from the same party. Quinn favors a more limited approach, voters wouldn't have to declare it out loud, but they could still only vote for candidates of one party.

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