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Attempt to discredit Bloomington Council appointee

Mon, 11 Feb 2013 17:46:57 CST
By: Charlie Schlenker

A group calling itself the Committee for Fair Politics has issued a news release slamming the integrity of Mayor Steve Stockton's choice of businessman Jamie Mathy to fill the first ward Bloomington City Council seat. The release was posted on a web site run by a Tea Party member who supports Mathy's opponent Kevin Lower. The document claims among other things that Mathy committed misdemeanor theft of services 17 years ago. Mathy says he was in college and strung a cable tv line from a friend across the hall into his own apartment and says he had nearly forgotten about the embarrassing incident and it is not relevant to his life today.

"Well, since that happened I have had multiple jobs and professional careers. I met a wonderful woman and married her. I have volunteered countless hours for organizations."

The apparent push to discredit Mathy comes hours before a Bloomington City Council vote whether to confirm Mathy as Alderman. Mathy says he hopes his opponent is not behind the incident.

"I would hope not. I would hope we are not getting into that kind of politics on the local level. A lot of the people I have been talking to in Ward One have a lot of distrust of politics at a state and national level because of that sort of thing."

Other supporters of Mathy's opponent say Mayor Stockton should appoint someone as a place holder and not allow one of the two candidates in the April election to have an incumbent's advantage. But, the only other applicant for the seat than Mathy and Lower is former Alderman Allen Gibson who is backing Lower. The release also claims Mathy left part of a fine unpaid after a ticket for driving with an expired registration last year. The amount was less than eight dollars and a spokesman for Mathy's campaign says that was an oversight, that most of the fine was paid at the time, and the remaining sum has since been paid. The First Ward seat became vacant when Bernie Anderson resigned for health reasons.

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