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Barickman has concerns over same-sex marriage proposal

Mon, 11 Feb 2013 12:36:02 CST
By: Willis Kern

Barickman has concerns over same-sex marriage proposal Same-sex marriage is expected to be approved this week by the Illinois senate. Bloomington Republican Jason Barickman says he won't vote for the measure as long as it contains a clause he says impedes religious freedom.

"If a church holds itself out as a public accomodation, then under the currently proposed bill, that church would have to allow gay marriage within their facilities."

Barickman says his opposition is centered more around freedom of religion rather than human rights.

"That is an absolute concern of mine that I think does not have anthing to do with the gay marriage debate. It has more to do with the religious freedoms afforded to our churches."

Barickman says the sponsor of the bill, Democratic Senator Heather Steans, has promised him she's working to revise that language in the bill. Even if it is removed, Barickman says when the same-sex marriage bill is brought before the full senate, he'll vote his conscience.

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