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Small businesses not happy with wage hike proposal

Thu, 07 Feb 2013 09:07:53 CST

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn's call for minimum-wage workers to take home more money is expected to be a tough fight in the legislature this spring.   In his State of the State address, Governor Quinn called for Illinois minimum wage to be raised to 10-dollars. It's $8.25 now.   Representative Lou Lang is a Democrat from Skokie. He says he's against raising the wage if it would create other problems. Republicans and businesses in Illinois say it would do just that, claiming higher wages would lead to fewer jobs. Kim Clark Maisch is a lobbyist for small businesses:

"You know, it's sort of ironic that a state that can't pay its own bills, can't pay its own pension obligations, and has had trouble with its credit rating is going to turn around and tell the private sector, small business owners, how much they should pay."
Illinois already has the fourth-highest minimum wage in the country.

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