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"Challenge on '74" blood drive coincides with ISU-Bradley game

Tue, 29 Jan 2013 09:18:05 CST
By: Rachel Darling

Bradley University and Illinois State University are facing off again in this year's "Challenge on 74" to raise blood donations for the Red Cross. Red Cross spokesman Ben Corey says events like this one are important an source of blood donations given though the Red Cross...

"College and High School blood drives account for as much as 20% of donations."
Now till Thursday, the Universities will try to surpass their combined total of 283 pints of blood to reach a goal of 375 pints. Red Cross spokesman Ben Corey says blood donations suffer a drop in the winter due to increased illness, like the Flu, and inclement weather...

"And that's why the Challenge on 74 is important. 'Cause it helps us ensure we have enough blood on the shelves during the winter months."
As much as 20% of the blood given through the Red Cross comes from college and high school blood drives. Corey says while current supplies are adequate some blood types are seeing low numbers...

"We're encouraging folks of all blood types to come out and donate. Especially those with O Negative and B Negative blood."

Corey says there has been an increased need for B Negative donors. O Negative, which can be used for people of all blood types, is critical in emergency situations where there is little time to test a patient for their blood type. Donations are needed to maintain adequate supplies of all blood types as the number of healthy donors decreases. Bradley is hosting Illinois State in men's basketball tonight.

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