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Dixon comptroller assets close to liquidation

Thu, 24 Jan 2013 11:18:41 CST

Dixon comptroller assets close to liquidation Almost all of Rita Crundwell's assets have been sold. An auction of her jewelry will be held in Texas next month, and there's one more property to put up for sale. Jason Wojdylo with the US Marshals Service says the city of Dixon may recoup only a fifth of the 53-million dollars Crundwell admitted stealing over two decades as comptroller. Still, he says, there's an estimated $1-million MORE to give back compared with what he calls "traditional disposal methods.":

"Given the nature of the crime, given the geographic area, very small community in what is otherwise the heartland of America that was victimized over so many years, at such a loss, we dedicated extraordinary resources to try to recoup as much money as possible."
That includes making buyers cover closing costs and delinquent taxes. Wojdylo says a lot of the money was spent on "consumables," like food, travel, and personal care. Counter-offers are being accepted through Friday for Crundwell's home in Dixon. Wojdylo says an income to expense ratio report will be available for Crundwell's sentencing on February 14th.

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