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IL school funding criticized

Thu, 24 Jan 2013 11:10:26 CST

A state panel that studies how Illinois funds education is imploring lawmakers to put more money into schools. A report from the Education Funding Advisory Board calls Illinois' funding of schools unacceptable. The analysis says it would cost Illinois about 86 hundred dollars to adequately educate a single child. Instead, this year the state's paying about six thousand dollars per student. Expectations are schools could take an even bigger cut in the next state budget. Mary Fergus is a spokeswoman for the state board of education:

"It really comes down to a lack of funding at the state level."
But while the advisory panel's report mentions the state's financial problems, it's clear members don't see it as an excuse. One line reads "the lack of adequate funding for basic education is a failure of the state's moral and fiduciary responsibilities."

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