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McLean County GOP head rejects State Party Chair stance on same sex marriage

Wed, 16 Jan 2013 15:35:53 CST
By: Charlie Schlenker

McLean County Republican Party Chair John Parrott says State party Chair Pat Brady did more than simply overstep his authority in announcing personal support for legalizing same sex marriage. Parrott says he believes Brady is wrong about the tactical reasons for moving to the center on moral issues.

"Why a lot of people are in the Republican Party is because of the strong stance that they take on their social issues. And trying to moderate those I don't thing is going to help at all with the party because you're just going end up having more people stay home from the polling places on election day."

Parrott says the GOP is the party of family values and it will not help to abandon those.

"What we need is to continue to have stronger families. Now, I'm not criticizing anybody as to their lifestyle or their relationships. But, when we have weaker families we end up having a weaker country and we have a weaker society."

Brady had argued the party is being too exclusionary and is being hurt at the ballot box by some positions, particularly in the Chicago suburbs. Parrott says he believes the changes are good that the State Central Committee will remove Brady as party chair even though it requires a three fifths majority of the committee. The McLean County GOP committee has called for Brady's ouster as well. Parrott says the GOP does need to do a better job communicating its values, but should not change its platform.

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