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Flu fears prompt ISU hygiene alert

Wed, 16 Jan 2013 15:26:13 CST
By: Charlie Schlenker

Illinois State University students have been back on campus for only a few days, but already a few students have come down with the flu virus they were apparently incubating over break. Residence Halls offer a friendly environment for influenza to spread, but Health Services Director Laura Knoblauch hopes a lot of student caught the bug and recovered over the holidays.

"We're hopeful that might have helped us and that's the term we're using, have we dodged that bullet? We really won't know for a week to fourteen days."

Campus administrators have notified faculty, staff, and students to wash their hands frequently and if they do get the bug, leave campus till they are well or self isolate in their rooms.

"Housing and dining have a number that students can call and get food delivered to their room so they are not having to go out of their room and expose other people."

University staff are also cleaning high touch surfaces more frequently. This is a severe year for the flu in most states including Illinois. Knoblauch says she is hoping campus will be less at risk because people will have had the flu and recovered while on break. She says they won't know for sure for up to two weeks.

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