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Poverty rising in IL

Wed, 16 Jan 2013 14:46:05 CST

One in three Illinoisans are considered poor. A report from the Social Impact Research Center in Chicago found that nearly two million residents live in poverty. Another two million are considered "low-income." That's an 8% increase since 2000, the last time the report was published. Back then, poverty declined for the first time in two decades. Jennifer Clary is a research associate with the center. She says 100,000 Illinoisans took full-time jobs last year but still live in poverty.

"That really points to a job quality issue that flies in the face of this promise of work as an insolation from poverty."

In addition to declining wages, the report also says poverty is caused by racial and gender inequalities and high unemployment.

The Top 10 Illinois counties for poverty:

-Jackson     33.7%
-Alexander     31.3%
-Champaign     23.4%
-Pulaski     22.4%
-Coles    21.8%
-Saline    20.8%
-Hardin     20.4%
-McDonough 20.3%
-Knox     20.2%
-Union    19.8%
-Vermilion     19.8%

Read the poverty report

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