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Gangs fuel violent crime jump in Bloomington

Tue, 15 Jan 2013 14:51:18 CST
By: Charlie Schlenker

Gangs fuel violent crime jump in Bloomington Violent crime in Bloomington grew by nearly 22 percent last year according to police documents. But, property crimes dropped significantly, so the overall number of crimes was nearly unchanged in 2012. And Police Spokesman Dave White says the five year average decrease in crimes is better than the national average.

"Ours have gone down basically with the help from the public. We get a lot more of that now. People are calling in lots of different things whereas before they thought they would be wasting their time"

The increase in violent crime came mainly from Aggravated Battery incidents.

"Most of that is attributed to two of the local street gangs here that were going after each other.They weren't out there looking for innocent people, bystanders. They were going after each other. So a lot of the batteries, shots fired incidents and things like that, those have now ceased."

White says eight people associated with those gangs were arrested late in the year. Even with the gang feud, the report indicates last year's total for Aggravated Batteries is below the five year average in the category. There were slight decreases in robberies, rapes, arsons, and car thefts. The number of thefts, traffic stops, and traffic tickets rose. Burglaries dropped by 24 percent in thanks to increased use of fingerprint technology which allowed numerous arrests of repeat offenders. White says more citizen reports and officer patrols in downtown Bloomington account for a six percent increase in DUI cases.

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