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Bloomington postpones vote on outsourcing

Tue, 15 Jan 2013 03:57:22 CST
By: lee Strubinger

Bloomington postpones vote on outsourcing The City of Bloomington is tabling a motion to consider outsourcing services to the private sector--called managed competition--in order to save money. Alderman Judy Stearns says the idea of managed competition came about in 2009 during the recession and now, she says, that idea has come and gone. Stearns says if the City needs to contract a service they can do so, but she says the motion is an indictment against City workers.

"I'm tired of seeing what they've been through, what the city's been through, what our citizens are thinking, and feeling a lot more money in consultants and studies and on and on. Truely, I've had it."
Alderman Steven Purcell says the council has talked about managed competition for several years. He says now, since the issue is in the public forefront, aldermen are getting cold feet. Purcell--who's running for township supervisor this spring--says it's the City's job to streamline itself.

"If we look at efficiency of operations, or or how something's done, our city does it. Regardless of which department."
The Council must revisit and vote on the motion, by law, within 100 days.

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