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Political watchdog group says PAC's have too much sway

Fri, 11 Jan 2013 04:28:49 CST

A campaign watchdog group says Illinois should tighten rules on Super PACs. Last fall's election was the first in which Super PACs played a role in an Illinois election. The Illinois Campaign for Political Reform's Kent Redfield says the statewide races up for grabs in two years could lead to even more money:

"Secretary of State always attracts some money because there's jobs there. The attorney general is so much more active in terms the way the office has been defined in policy issues that you're going to find big money the next time the attorney general's office becomes open in Illinois."

Redfield says individuals and groups looking to influence elections can get around contribution limits by giving cash to a Super PAC after a candidate reaches her limit. Political candidates have limits on how much they can raise from individuals and corporations, and have to say who that money came from. Super PAC spending is unlimited, and can come from secret donors.

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