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Smoking ban turns 5

Tue, 01 Jan 2013 08:32:21 CST

Smoking ban turns 5 Janurary 1 2013 marks five years since Illinois' smoking ban went into effect. But that hasn't stopped efforts to roll back the restrictions. Illinois was the thirteenth state to pass a comprehensive law banning smoking from workplaces, bars, restaurants and other public buildings. Melaney Arnold is with the Illinois Department of Public Health. She says in the first two years after the law took effect, the percentage of people who say they smoke dropped from 21 to 17 percent ...


"We are still seeing a decline in the number of people reporting smoking."

Not everyone thinks banning smoking in ALL public places is a good thing. Representative Anthony DeLuca is a Democrat from Chicago Heights:


"How far is government going to go for a concern for your health? That should be a concern for everyone in here because for concerns for your health government can go pretty far, and get pretty intrusive."

That's DeLuca, back in February, pushing legislation that would have allowed cities to issue smoking licenses to certain bars and private clubs. So far such attemps to weaken the ban have failed.

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