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IL lame duck congressman says fiscal cliff not his fault

Fri, 28 Dec 2012 09:17:02 CST

An Illinois congressman blames the US Senate for the looming fiscal cliff. Veteran Republican Don Manzullo says the House approved a tax bill last summer. He faults Senators for not acting on that measure:


"We've done our job. The House has done it's job, the revenue measure's done in the house, according to the contitution. We sent the measure to the Senate, let them come back with a counter offer."

Manzullo says a deal can be reached if BOTH sides agree to work on it. He says going over the cliff would send a bad message to businesses, and will hurt families. Manzullo has been a lame duck since the primary when he was defeated by Bloomington native Adam Kinzinger, who moved into the district in order to remain in congress.

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