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Ecology Action Center says; Have a green Christmas

Thu, 20 Dec 2012 04:00:32 CST
By: Rachel Darling

The Ecology Action Center is encouraging Bloomington-Normal residents to have a "green" Christmas this year by continuing to recycle through the holiday season. Executive Director of the E-A-C Micheal Brown says the Christmas holiday period puts focus on consumption, but that doesn't have to be the season's focus.

"This year in particular, you know, it seemed like there was a lot of kickback to the pressure to consume and buy more and more and more."

Instead the EAC suggests enjoying experiences over "things."

over for a meal. . ."

Brown says that the conventional, contemporary way that the holiday is celebrated, which usually involves spending money or focusing only on giving gifts, isn't the only way to show generosity and concern to loved ones.

Brown notes much of the gift packaging and decorations associated with the holiday season generates increased waste that does not have to end up in landfills...


Robin Weaver, Director of Public Works for the Town of Normal noted a 10% drop in the use of Normal's recycle centers and drop-off locations. Weavers says that is most likely due to the City of Bloomington's increased level of resident participation in recycling. According to Weaver increased recycling is good for all of us, regardless of the community.

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