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Durbin calls on gun owners to "step up"

Mon, 17 Dec 2012 06:33:21 CST
By: ipr

Durbin calls on gun owners to Two days after the second-worst mass shooting in American history, Illinois US Senator Dick Durbin says hunters and sportsmen need to "step up." He urged to support what he called "reasonable restrictions" on the types of weapons that can be purchased, and on large ammunition magazines. He says average citizens don't need access to the kind of military-style equipment used by the gunman in Newtown (NEW-town), Connecticuit:


"I'm told that he was wearing body armor at the time. A question I have to ask: Why in the world does anyone need to buy body armor? I can see where the military would. I can see where the police would. But when an average citizen buys body armor, you think, what kind of things are you protecting yourself against here?"

Durbin also says Illinois should be careful in responding to a court order mandating the state allow civilians to carry firearms in public.
He says the law should have safeguards, like a requirement that people undergo training before getting a carry permit.

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