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Postal service addresses holiday rush in Bloomington

Fri, 14 Dec 2012 16:36:32 CST
By: Rachel Darling

Its coming up to crunch time to mail holiday presents. The US Postal Service is adding service hours in Bloomington to handle high holiday mail volume. Spokeswoman Beverly Howard says the service processed 292 million packages last December nationwide and this year will be 73 million more.


"Just from what we did last year, we're going to see a lot more packages --at least a 20% increase."

The Bloomington and Normal postal stations anticipate 8,000-9,000 parcels delivered this holiday season.

"The message we're really trying to convey is to mail early. You know, December 17th is our heaviest card, package mailing day, so we're encouraging customers to mail early."

Howard says package volume is up 20% so far this year and they expect a nationwide total of 365-million mailings for December. To help residents send presents to loved ones on time Howard says the Postal Station in the old Eagles building on Towanda Avenue will be open on Sunday. Hours will be 1-5 p.m. Postmaster Mark Ford says this will make "shopping and shipping easier" for customers.

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