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West Bloomington leaders hope to chalk up success

Wed, 12 Dec 2012 17:40:38 CST
By: Lee Strubinger

West Bloomington leaders hope to chalk up success A building in West Bloomington is being written and drawn on by community children. The West Bloomington Revitalization Project has put up a community chalkboard on their building for residents to fill in the prompt "When I dream about my community, I see-(blank)..." The finished sentence helps community leaders better understand their mission. Illinois State University partnered with the Revitalization Project to construct the chalkboard. I-S-U Professor Dick Folse says creative expression and community voice is very important.

"When you're talking about a part of town like this that has great assets, and has a great oppourtinuty for revitalization it's very important to have the community drive that revitalization. So, their voice, their ability to express where they want to go and what they see for the community is very important."

Folse says project members are interested in how West Bloomington residents perceive the community. He says this chalkboard gives them a chance to express themselves anytime, anyday.

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