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Tim Johnson goes back to school

Tue, 11 Dec 2012 11:36:44 CST

Tim Johnson goes back to school During his years in Congress, Johnson initially supported the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but later called for US troops to be brought home. The Urbana Republican says the course he'll be teaching at Illinois State University will examine how Congressional war powers have been applied, from the end of the Spanish-American War to the present day:

"Well it's my personal opinion that the Congress has ceded its war making authority to the executive branch of the government. But we'll talk about that in the class. We fought a lot of wars we probably shouldn't have fought, killed a lot of people that shouldn't have been killed and spent a lot of money we shouldn't have spent, for nothing."
Johnson will also rejoin the legal profession when he leaves office next year. He'll be affiliated with the law firm of Frederick Nessler, which has offices in Champaign and several other Illinois cities. Johnson says helping people one-on-one has been important to him as a lawmaker, and he looks forward to doing that for clients with the Nessler law firm.

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