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Bloomington Alderman removed from ballot

Mon, 10 Dec 2012 17:02:46 CST
By: Charlie Schlenker

The Bloomington Election Commission Board has removed a sitting Alderman from the municipal election ballot. Commission Director Paul Shannon says the board found Fifth Ward Alderman Jennifer McDade submitted incomplete petitions.

"The nomination pages one two three and four were not properly describe the office was enough to remove her as a candidate and further that she incorrectly listed election date. She listed the April consolidated election instead of the february 26th primary election date."

Shannon says board members agreed that McDade failing to list which ward she was running in could create enough confusion among petition signers to invalidate her submissions. McDade has announced she plans to seek a Circuit Court review of the decision. She says the Board did not let her know the rules of the hearing until late Friday afternoon, less than a full business day before the proceeding.

"We were trying to prepare a response to Mr. Koetters allegations without any clarity or transparency on how today's hearing would be conducted."

McDade also says the flaws in her petitions were technical and not substantive. For now, there is only one candidate for the 5th ward seat, Mathew Koetters. McDade says she does not know why anyone would try to take the decision in an election out of the hands of voters.

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