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Gas pumps pose problems for some

Mon, 10 Dec 2012 07:45:54 CST

Buying fuel can be a challenge for people with disabilities. Legislation awaiting action by the governor aims to make it easier. Illinois law says service stations are required to pump gas for people with disabilities, but in order to get that help, drivers have to honk or find some other way to get the attention of an attendant. Ann Ford, with the Centers for Independent Living, says that can lead to frustration:

"One time when I was driving back from Springfield, it took going to three different gas stations and two hours to get a tank of gas, because no one could see us."
Ford was in the Capitol testifying in support of legislation meant to address the problem. It would require gas stations to post a direct phone number to the attendant, so people can call for assistance. Gas stations can't charge more for the service, but there are exceptions, like if an attendant is working alone and can't leave his or her post. Both the Illinois House and Senate overwhelmingly approved the measure; now it's up to Governor Pat Quinn.

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